TODAY’S MEDITATION – A cleansed life paves the way for your blessings (Haggai 2:10-19)

If you serve children spaghetti in a red sauce, even if you give them a fork, very soon their face, hands and clothes will be covered with the sauce because children just like to eat with their hands. My brother, my sister, sin and selfish attitudes produce the same result on us: they stain everything they touch! Even good deeds done for God will end up tainted by any sinful attitude. And, obviously, people in the world will tend to encourage you or follow you in your sinful attitudes instead of doing the same when you are living a Christlike life. The point is: your holiness will not easily rub off on others, but contamination will. That is the reason why it is important for us Christians to keep the commands of God and above all to understand that any activity we may do for God in our churches, our communities, our families or among His people will not clean up our sins: only repentance and obedience can do that. Yes, my friends, if we insist on harboring wrong attitudes and sins or on maintaining close relationships with sinful people, we will be defiled because holy living will come only when we are empowered by the God’s Holy Spirit who will lead us to obedience to God so that the Lord can fulfill His promises for our lives and prosper us. Yes, the only remedy to a cleansed life is through the blood of Jesus that was shed so that you may be redeemed from sin and live eternally. The Lord rejoices, encourages and approves every little steps we make towards obedience to His Word. He is loving and faithful and He will do what He says as we obey Him. Stay blessed in Jesus’ name.