DAY’S MEDITATION – Cry out to the Lord… He will answer you (Psalm 77:1-20)

This Psalm is very interesting because it is a demonstration of God’s loving ear! Here Asaph is feeling deeply distressed and he says he cried out to the Lord, he shouted to the Lord. I like this part, because some people who do not attend Christian churches don’t understand why we shout during our prayers. My brother, my sister, if you still don’t want to open your mouth and shout to the Lord, let me put it this way for you: God has so many children praying and asking Him for healing, love, marriage, prosperity, housing, etc… you want Him to hear you? Cry out and shout your needs to Him… When you are writing your CV for a job interview, you make sure it looks different from the others’ because you want it to stand out. In prayer, also make sure yours stands out before the Lord through your sincerity. Here, the psalmist goes through different emotions as he cries out to the Lord to express his requests, and as he does that, his focus starts changing from thinking about himself or his circumstances to worshiping God (verse 14) and reviewing how good God has been for him, which strengthen his faith immediately (verses 11-12). You see, as he was crying out to the Lord, something happened… that is what it is all about. God heard him and His Spirit started taking control, so much that Asaph’s doubts were wiped away without him even noticing it. You know why? The Spirit of the Lord took control! The problem with many people is that they stick to their unwanted circumstances (my problem, my sickness, my… my…), so much that when they don’t seem to see the end of it, their prayers is even turned into a blackmailing God or bargaining with God… No, my friend, know that when you turn to your Loving Father sincerely and with humility in the name of Jesus, His holiness, love and care for you will overwhelm you and you cannot leave that moment of prayer the way you started it. By the end of this Psalm, Asaph’s distress was no more! The only answer to that is: God hears your prayer, stop being in control of your problems and as you pray the Lord wholeheartedly in the name of Jesus, He Himself will change your circumstances and shift your focus from yourself to Him.